BOSTON (CBS) — It’s been a bad year for Rob Gronkowski. So bad, in fact, that a New York tabloid this week was eager to declare his career to be dead.

It took all of 13 minutes for the all-world tight end to remind New York that it’s not quite time to scoop a shovelful of dirt on his football career.

After Jets head coach Todd Bowles accepted a penalty on the Patriots after the Jets made a third-down stop, Tom Brady and the New England offense were gifted an opportunity to keep the drive alive.

On the resulting third-and-12 from the 34-yard line, Brady stood in the pocket and waited patiently for Rob Gronkowski to find space behind the linebacker, deep over the middle of the field. Brady delivered a strike, Gronkowski went up and got it, and the hulking tight end held on to the football while getting hit by safety Morris Claiborne and falling into the end zone.

Brady connected with Gronkowski early on the Patriots’ next drive, for a gain of 15 yards.

The touchdown tied the game at 7-7. And it served as a reminder to perhaps wait until Gronkowski’s career is actually done before declaring it to be over. Poking the bear is never a good idea.


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