BOSTON (CBS) – Boston Celtics star Kyrie Irving says he meant “no disrespect” for saying “F— Thanksgiving,” after the Celtics latest frustrating loss.

Irving met with the media after the New York Knicks beat the Celtics at the Garden, 117-109 Wednesday night. When he was done, a reporter wished him a happy Thanksgiving.

Kyrie Irving spoke to reporters after the Celtics loss to the Knicks, Nov. 21, 2018. (WBZ-TV)

Here’s how the response was described by Mass Live:

Irving thanked the reporter politely, then added that he doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving.

“(Expletive) Thanksgiving,” Irving said.

Irving has Native American heritage and he was honored in a naming ceremony with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in North Dakota back in August.

He reportedly told NBC Sports Boston’s Abby Chin after the incident that his issue with the holiday is linked to that heritage.

Once reports started circulating Thursday morning, Irving went to Twitter.

“I spoke w/ frustration after last nights game and spoke words that shouldn’t be in a professional setting no matter what,” Irving tweeted. “Meant no disrespect to the Holiday and those who celebrate it respectfully. I’m grateful for the time We all can share with our families. We are always ONE.”

The Celtics, meanwhile, are an incredibly disappointing 9-and-9 through their first 18 games after being picked by many to reach the NBA Finals this season.

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  1. Robert Campbell says:

    F*** Kyrie Irving…………no disrespect intended.

    1. Frank Joyce says:

      Prior to Lincoln’s proclamation in 1863 “Thanksgiving” was a harvest festival and occurred at different times in different parts of the country. Lincoln’s proclamation made it a national day of Thanksgiving in 1863.

      Lincoln’s Proclamation of Thanksgiving

      1. pastorbradabley says:

        Frank, here is more accurate information. FYI: Following President Washington’s initial proclamation, national Thanksgiving Proclamations occurred only sporadically (another by President Washington in 1795, one by John Adams in 1798 and again in 1799, one by James Madison in 1814 and again in 1815, etc.); most official Thanksgiving observances occurred at the state level. In fact, by 1815, the various state governments had issued at least 1,400 official prayer proclamations, almost half for times of thanksgiving and prayer and the other half for times of fasting and prayer.

    2. asudad90 says:

      Time for blacks and pandering liberals to learn what made this country great. It was the European white men. What has the Africans done that is more important than white Europeans? Why is it liberals care more about color of the skin or feminism instead of competency? Why are their heroes subversives, social malcontents and black racists?

      1. Doug Day says:


  2. Markey Farrell says:

    Just another example of Black Privilege.

    1. Billy Black says:

      He’s just one more reflection of what society has been reduced/regressed to. If this idiot had been around 40-50 years ago and made a comment like that? He’d be canned on the spot. As he should be. But again, that just goes to show you what America has been reduced to.

  3. chipin8511 says:

    just another ghetto boy

  4. Jim Macdonald says:

    F*** Kwanzaa – No disrespect intended.

  5. Flynn McMahon says:

    If I said “F” Ramadan or Eid I’d be taken out and skinned alive. This country has gone 100% insane.

  6. john L says:

    Lowlife black idiot!

  7. John Earnest says:

    “But I’ll take your white money all day long.”

    1. Robert Watson says:

      They’re the only ones that have any money.

      1. Yeah, Oprah doesn’t have any money. Nor do Obama, LeBron James, or any other NBA players, NFL players, rappers, black singers, actors, doctors…yep, you’re spot on alright.

      2. Butch Tate says:

        To the 99.99th percentile, “conservatives” sign the front of checks and “liberals” sign the back of checks. So, look at the demographics of the Democrat party to see the identifying features of who these “takers” are. One demographic in particular.

  8. Bob Suyak says:

    If he doesn’t like the holidays in the USA, no one stopping him from going to the country of his ancestors.

    1. Sam Jones says:

      Yep. There are ton of $10mm/yr jobs in Africa. Speaking of which, what type of job could this guy have in this country if not for the NBA? Physicist or Neurosurgeon maybe?

  9. Billy Rumble says:

    Irving, Try living off the land like the Indians do. There aren’t many basketball stars who live off the land.

  10. Allan Crawfoed says:

    I quit watching NFL 3 yr[s ago. Now it’s goodbye NBA after 40 years. I am not going to tolerate Leftist hate against America.

  11. David Leach says:

    You can take the boy outta the ghetto…..

  12. Dave Johnson says:

    I love it when ungrateful, filthy rich athletes remind us of how much they hate the little people, and our traditions. As usual, after saying it, the fake apology so as to not alienate the morons who pay $200 a game for a seat, $15 for a beer and $12 for a hot dog, so he can continue to live like a king.

  13. John Jupiter says:

    F*** Kyrie Irving………ALL disrespect intended.

  14. Chris Murphy says:

    Nothing says “respect my views” by someone who disrespects every other view. Professional athletic entertainers are among the most entitled SJWs in the nation.

  15. Vance Porter says:

    Indian, huh? Probably related to Elizabeth Warren. They look alike. That noble savage look.

  16. Daniel Greene says:

    Well, I guess Kyrie Irving has nothing to be thankful about. After all, living like two thirds of the world in abject poverty in an oppressive third world hell-hole or Islamist tyranny would be so much better than this horrible country. And, living in this country where all are free to achieve as much as their motivation and determination take them is so demeaning.

  17. Jeff Mitchell says:

    Anybody that believes that this dufus sh-thead didn’t mean any disrespect is brain dead!

  18. William Smith says:

    I hear there is no waiting list to immigrate back to the Congo…..

  19. N****rs…..Can’t live with them, won’t live near them.

  20. muneshadowe says:

    Eff him, disrespect intended.

  21. bigref16 says:

    He could hook up with Lizahontas and together they would be 1/500th aboriginal. What is wrong with MA, anyway.

  22. Lilith Whyte says:

    F*ck Qwanzaa.

  23. Carl Arms says:

    send his arse back to the Congo

  24. Scotty Gunn says:

    There are days, well, most days, that I wish I could go back in time to warn the early settlers in America to NOT import slaves. It is morally wrong, and the aftermath of them being here isn’t worth it. Apparently, none of them want to be here anyway.

  25. Gary Mowery says:

    So Kyrie, what were the settlers supposed to do? Allow the peace loving Indians to slaughter them, and each other, into extinction? Ignore God’s leading? Accept savagery, animism – and turn around and go home?! What were the settlers supposed to do? What??

  26. Noah Saint James says:

    Trump gib his momma diabeetus n sheit…

  27. Bill Cool Walker says:

    I wonder if Irving is aware is that what the Wampanoags wanted, and got, from the English Pilgrims was a military alliance against the Narragansetts, whose raiding parties had been kicking their butts for hundreds of years. The Wamps were pretty sophisticated, (the famous Squanto had been to London and spoke English) and realized that a line of trained musketeers could be a game-changer in the forest warfare of the day. They got their alliance, which is what they were celebrating, and the alliance held for 50 years.

  28. Chris Foley says:

    If Mr Irving was actually educated he would know that many NA tribes ceased to exist because they were offed by other tribes. But the white European “tribe” was smarter and better organized, so they dominated. Unless of course the steam engine, printing press, and microscope were invented in western South Dakota or Africa somewhere. I must have missed that. He uses all of those things but has mastered little other than throwing a basketball thru a hope. What a genius.

  29. Bill Loyal says:

    When do we as a group of people say “Enough” and demand these performing idiots be fired

  30. David McCrary says:

    Probably picked up this idea, along with the flat earth belief, during that ‘cup of coffee’ he had masquerading as a student athlete at Duke University. Such is life on the lower, left hand side of the Bell Curve.

  31. awww, look at all the whiny, butthurt Caucasoids. did big bad Kyrie Irving hurt their wittle white feewings? if u listen closely u can hear all the snowflakes melting… kind of like white people in the sun with their weird sunburns, peeling & melanoma. BOOOOO HOOOOO!! their unseasoned holiday casseroles are getting soggy from all the tears! just think: with white birthrates so low, in a generation or two there won’t be any more white snowflakes to cry over those mean athletes & their hurtful interviews! ps- F**k Thanksgiving.

  32. Jonathan J. Springer says:

    Kyrie Irving’s mother is Native American, and he’s a member of the Lakota Tribe. And though I celebrate Thanksgiving and love the holiday, I also acknowledge that the U.S. government screwed over the Native Americans as well. So on the flip side, I can see Kyrie’s hatred for the holiday as well.

  33. Jeff Sherman says:

    NBA ratings are down, not only to bad (e.g. non existent defense) play but to bad citizenship by the players. Here is hoping the NBA’s rating continue to plummet.

  34. Dave Hardesty says:

    In reading these comments they are all pretty bland to the excoriating remarks made about our President on Thanksgiving day when he made a call of Thanksgiving respects to our men and women in uniform and later visited many of them at a USCG station. I guess it’s all about where you place things of importance in your lives. Happy Black Friday shopping and don’t kill yourselves fighting over the stuff you seek to buy.

  35. Tom Graham says:

    Healthy and good for black folk and celebrities to express how they feel in the moment with the words that say it best. No apology needed. Same freedom for all of us would be an improvement.

  36. Thom Covenant says:

    Always one. Always. Remember that.

  37. JoJo Wasaman says:

    This brainless idiot has about as much Native American in his blood as Warren. None.

  38. Christopher David Eaton says:

    The only thing this guy can do is play with a round ball and people take him seriously. Here’s to your next knee injury, kyrie!

  39. Bob Johnson says:

    His comments are unfortunate because they show his hatred that he was raised in. Thanksgiving is a holiday for all Americans to give thanks to God for what we have. Mr. Irving, however, only dwells on perceived injustice. He is an unwitting part of the division that has plagued this country for the past 8 years.

  40. Thomas Wylie says:

    Anytime that word is used it is disrespectful to any ear that hears or any eye that sees it. The word automatically intends and implies disrespect, regardless of context or intent. When you use disrespectful words you cannot claim that you meant no disrespect.