SALEM, New Hampshire (CBS) — Black Friday shopping has overflowed into Thursday night over the past few years. While stores cannot open until midnight in Massachusetts, some stores in New Hampshire opened at 5 p.m.

The Best Buy in Salem was a part of the craze. Customers cheered as the doors opened and they rushed toward the sales.

The cold weather didn’t stop customers from lining up outside the Best Buy in Salem, New Hampshire (WBZ-TV)

“Going to get some good deals people!” one woman said.

Another man said, “Seventy-inch TV for 600 bucks? You’de have to be insane to give that up.”

Dozens of people waited in frigid temperatures for hours outside the Best Buy. One woman said she had been out since 7 in the morning.

At least one employee seemed to enjoy it too. Aaron Mortimer explained, “It’s the best night of all. I always go through Black Friday. It’s my 18th one. I’ve been with the company for 18 years and every single year it’s the most fun day to work.”

Others were out for the experience. “So I just enjoy the shopping aspect of it. I don’t mind coming out. It’s just fun,” a woman said.

A man said, “Always fun always fun. That’s why I come out. Black Friday’s Black Friday!”

The demand is there, though.

According to one estimate, U.S. retailers earned nearly $8 billion last year on Black Friday, which is an all-time record and 18 percent better than the year before.


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