BOSTON (CBS) — Boston Mayor Marty Walsh joined Jon Keller to discuss current events and give an update of what’s going on in the city.

Early in his interview, Walsh deflected two questions: what his future political plans were and who he voted for in the governor’s race.

A big topic of conversation in the political world this week was if Nancy Pelosi will be reelected as Speaker of the House or if a new face will be brought in. Walsh said he backed Pelosi, but the discussions about it should be not in the public eye.

“If you look at Nancy Pelosi’s record, when she was the speaker she passed over 300 pieces of legislation. She got healthcare done under her administration. And I think having this public battle, doesn’t gain political points in my opinion, I think it’s the wrong thing to do,” Walsh said.

Closer to home, state representative-elect Nika Elugardo has publicly called the Democrat party racist. Walsh responded to that with, “I think the role of the party is making sure that we have good strong democratic candidates that continue to run and move forward. And when you think of the results of that party, it’s important. The Democratic party does not get involved in primary races. When I ran for mayor last year, when I was running for reelection, I reached out to the party and what they said to me at that point is ‘we don’t get involved.’ It was myself and Counselor Jackson running for mayor…I am not sure what her experience has been with the party and I think that its something that as a newly elected Democratic state representative from Jamacia Plain, she has an opportunity to have conversations with the party to see what she might want to see changed.”

Walsh also defended himself and his past endorsements both against Elugardo’s allegations and Keller’s point that a noticeable amount of candidates he endorsed did not win their elections.

Keller also asked Walsh about violence in the city. For years, officials have appealed to communities most impacted by violence to also cooperate more with police. Walsh said, “I think a lot of people are afraid sometimes to come forward, particularly on homicides, worrying about repercussions, about what might happen. A lot of the homicides we have in the city of Boston appear to be targeted, people targeted. So they’re concerned about being involved in it. But we have to do a better job of working with the community on stopping the violence before it happens. That’s really where the bottom line is.”

He said the way to do that is to meet with young people and explain to them that there are other opportunities out there that are not crime. This includes helping them find jobs or learn a trade.

Another tactic Walsh wants to implement would take place after violence occurs. “How do we get into those areas, how do we get into the family to maybe help brothers and sisters and other family members to create opportunities if they have lack of housing or lack of employment opportunities. How do we get even more fine-tuned? Almost having a social worker basically assigned, or a case worker assigned to that family in moving forward. That’s really where we are headed in the city.”

  1. Joe Casey says:

    Walsh was not asked questions because Keller wanted answers. The point was to put Walsh in a bad light. He will never be forgiven for the sin of challenging Wynn’s casino. Hope he does not get Sal DiMasi’ed

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