BOSTON (CBS/AP) – Harvard running back Devin Darrington was cruising into the end zone when he made a gesture that even his coach believed deserved a penalty.

Darrington ran for 91 yards and two scores on the day, but had another negated by a taunting penalty.

In the fourth, Darrington went up the middle for a 27-yard score, but he wagged a finger as he outran a defender toward the goal line. The touchdown negated, Harvard settled for a field goal.

Some believed Darrington held up his middle finger to the defender, but video doesn’t conclusively show. Regardless, Murphy said Darrington deserved a flag.

“The bottom line is: He was wrong,” Harvard coach Tim Murphy said. “He was wrong. It’s that simple. It was the right call; he was wrong. I’m just so grateful to our team that he didn’t have to learn that the absolute hard way of trying to live with that for a year or however many years.”

Despite the penalty, Harvard went on to a 45-27 win.


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