By Paula Ebben

BOSTON (CBS) – Friday was one of the most joyful days you can imagine because thousands of foster children across the country have found their forever homes. Including more than 100 kids here in Mass.

It’s National Adoption Day and for a little boy we introduced you to on Wednesday’s Child, the dream is now real.

“Today my name is now officially Ryan Michael Blake.”

Ryan Michael Blake (WBZ-TV)

That’s because today, 9-year-old Ryan Michael Blake was adopted by Ken Blake during a ceremony at the Brooke Courthouse in Boston. “It is ordered that your petition for adoption is allowed,” and with the judge’s words it was done.

We first introduced you to Ryan two years ago on Wednesday’s Child, our commitment to helping foster kids find adoptive homes. “Ryan is pretty amazing,” says Ken Blake, his adoptive Dad.

Ryan is the third child Ken Blake has adopted. He started 14 years ago with Nathan and Emily, and is delighted that Ryan is now officially his son. “Permanency is huge for these kids. He’s very outgoing. Today he plays piano and guitar and clarinet,” Ken says.

Ken Blake and Ryan Michael Blake (WBZ-TV)

Ryan is one of about 130 kids who were adopted Friday in Massachusetts along with several thousand more across the country as part of National Adoption Day. “If you’ve ever thought about adopting a child from foster care, now’s the time,” says Lisa Funaro, the head of the Mass Adoption Resource Exchange, our partner for Wednesday’s Child.

Adoption changes lives. “It’s really nice because my father is in this room. And it’s really nice to know I’m officially with him,” says Ryan Michael Blake.

There are about 1100 kids in foster care in Massachusetts waiting for adoptive homes.

Paula Ebben


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