BOSTON (CBS) — Without a doubt, the scheduling of the Patriots for five prime-time games in a stretch of seven weeks was a grind. It took its toll on the fans, it took its toll on head coach Bill Belichick, and now we know it took a toll on Tom Brady.

The Patriots quarterback sat down with Scott Zolak for this week’s “Patriots All Access,” and Brady said that playing those night games can basically eliminate the effectiveness of the following day for the whole team.

“The night of the game, it’s nice to get a good night sleep, and you feel like, ‘OK, Monday is a productive day.’ A lot of days, these Mondays are, you’re kind of slogging through the day, you’re pretty tired, you’re worn out,” Brady said.

The remainder of the Patriots’ schedule includes four 1 p.m. start times, one 4:25 p.m. kickoff at home, and one 4:25 p.m. kickoff on the road in Pittsburgh.

“1 o’clock games, 4 o’clock home games, those are kind of the ones you love to see on your schedule a lot. When you play the night games, you get home – even if you’re at home – it’s 2 a.m. before I’m getting to bed. If we’re on the road, sometimes it’s 4 a.m.,” Brady said.

While the quarterback stressed that an early bed time is hardly the most important factor when it comes to on-field performance, he said the ease of scheduled start times going forward is among a number of reasons he feels good about the remainder of the regular season.

“I think hopefully now we’ve got a lot of one o’clock games coming up. There’s some things that are real positives going forward. Certainly, our play is what’s going to affect things more than anything, our performance on the field is what’s gonna matter. We’ve worked hard at that,” Brady said. “All of our biggest games are ahead of us. And that’s what we’re all looking forward to.”


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