NORWELL (CBS) — This area of High Street looks and sounds a lot different than it did a few years ago, it used to be full of vegetation. But since the construction to widen Route 3, that has changed, to the frustration of many nearby residents.

“In different parts of the house, you can actually feel the vibrations of the highway if the big trucks are going fast enough, even in the bathroom,” explained Mary Horowitz. She moved in about three years ago, just months before construction began.

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Trees along Route 3 were cut down to widen the highway but they were never replaced (WBZ-TV)

The highway is “definitely louder,” she said. “The rivets in the road if a big truck goes by you can hear it.”

The trees between the highway and her neighborhood had acted as a visual and sound barrier before they were chopped down.

“From our second-floor, you couldn’t actually see the highway because of the trees,” said Horowitz.

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Neighbor Jerry Gorichs agreed. “It wasn’t too bad before. We couldn’t hear too much. But now it’s wide open, there’s no barrier. There’s no brush, there’s no trees, no guard rail,” he said.

“The road used to be further back, but they moved it this way about 40 feet.”

This land was once covered in trees along Route 3 in Norwell (WBZ-TV)

A spokesperson for State Representative David DeCoste said they are working with MassDOT to put in trees and a sound barrier. He also said there is no timeline for when that will be complete.

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The day after this story originally aired on WBZ-TV, MassDOT responded saying the location did not meet state or federal criteria that would have required a noise study to be conducted. In several months, MassDOT plans to plant about 300 trees on 1.25 acres of land. In a written statement, the department said it, “appreciates the patience and understanding of abutters as necessary bridge and road maintenance and replacement work is conducted.”