BOSTON (CBS) – Customs officers at Logan International Airport seized about $27,000 from an Indonesian couple, including $4,900 that was sewn inside a woman’s underwear.

The incident happened November 8, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers said.

An Indonesian national arrived with her 63-year-old husband on a flight from Qatar. While undergoing a secondary search, the couple was asked to declare any currency. They told customs officials they had about $12,000.

Currency was found sewn into a woman’s underwear at Logan Airport. (Image Credit: U.S. Customs and Border Protection)

During a pat down search, an officer found $4,900 found sewn into the woman’s underwear. In addition, more than $20,000 U.S. currency and $2,000 in Canadian currency was found.

“This situation is a reminder that passenger’s should be forthcoming with our Officers,” said Area Port Director Linda Brown. “CBP Officers are highly skilled individuals and are committed to enforcing the laws of the United States at all our ports of entry.”

  1. Thomas Lightbody says:

    where did they get the cash ?? did they pay taxes ?? are they U S citizens ? should be arrested for tax avation & money laundering !! LOCK THEM UP,& AFTER THEY SERVE THERE TIME, THROW THEM OUT OF OUR COUNTRY!!!!!!

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