By Lisa Gresci

LAWRENCE (CBS) – Like many of us 7-year-old Howard has a love hate relationship with the snow.

“Ah…I like snow,” he said.

His family decided to leave Thursday night.

“When it was raining, it was bad so imagine the snow,” Indhira Suazo explained.

The families, who have called these trailers home since the gas explosions in the Merrimack Valley, aren’t sure what to expect.

“I don’t know what’s going on because when it’s windy we feel something weird inside the trailer, so let’s see,” Mary Rivera said.

Rivera says Columbia Gas told her gas won’t be restored until December 10th to the 22nd. So this may not be her last storm in the trailer.

Trailers in Lawrence after Merrimack Valley gas explosions (WBZ-TV)

The storm isn’t the only thing they’re facing tonight either.

“I can’t really explain how it is right now I don’t even have water. It froze last night and I haven’t had water all day,” Kristy Goodwin explained.

MEMA says a small number of the trailers are affected and spare trailers are available for families who want to move.

“I have a heated blanket so that helps so if it gets cold they can just bundle up with me,” she said.

Kristy Goodwin’s plan is simple. She is keeping it positive no matter what comes next.

“You have got to because if you’re not what do you have to look forward to?” she added.

One little girl knows exactly what she is looking forward to.

Even though this may not be her real home, she thinks there’s something magical about the first snowflakes of the season.

“Me, my sister and my mom are gonna go outside and play in the snow,” she said.

Lisa Gresci


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