By Barry Burbank

BOSTON (CBS) — Despite the snow blitz of 2015, many baby boomers still insist that, overall, we don’t get the harsh bitter cold and deep snowy winters like we did in the good ole days.

A Leominster teen posing with the giant snowman he built. (Photo credit: Mary Roche)

Weather records prove that just isn’t the case and despite the ongoing claims that snows are becoming rare and hurting winter sports, this millennium has been a blessing to snow lovers and winter sports enthusiasts.

NESIS scale (Photo Courtesy: WeatherBell)

Just as the Saffir-Simpson and Fujita Scales were devised to categorize hurricanes and tornadoes, the Northeast Snowfall Impact Scale (NESIS) was created by Paul Kocin and Louis Uccellini of the National Weather Service to rank high-impact Northeast storms. This scale has 5 categories including extreme, crippling, major, significant and notable. In addition to meteorological measurements, the index uses population information which provides an indication of a storm’s impacts on society. The NESIS scores are a function of the amount of snow, the area affected by the snowstorm and the number of people living in the path of the storm. The aerial distribution of snowfall and population information are combined in an equation that calculates a NESIS score which varies from around one for smaller storms to over 10 for extreme storms.

NESIS (Photo Courtesy: WeatherBell)

The last decade stands out like a sore thumb! It has had 29 major impact northeast winter storms with NO previous 10-year period with more than 10 storms! In Boston, 7 out of the last 10 years have produced snowfall above the average 43.7 inches.

2008-09: 65.9″
2009-10: 35.7″
2010-11: 81.0″
2011-12: 9.3″
2012-13: 63.4″
2013-14: 58.9″
2014-15: 110.6″ Greatest On Record Back To 1872
2015-16: 36.1″
2016-17: 47.6″
2017-18: 59.9″

NHEMIS snow (Photo Courtesy: WeatherBell)

Additionally, the trend for fall snow across the northern hemisphere has been increasing, defying the forecasts over the last two decades for snows becoming an increasingly rare event. The 10-year running mean of the Boston area snowfall has skyrocketed to the highest level since snow records were kept and that goes back about 145 years! Fluctuations in the temperature regime and annual snowfalls are a function of about 25 global factors including changing oceanic oscillations mainly sea-surface temperature anomaly locations which impact atmospheric conditions creating certain jet stream configurations plus others such as solar activity and irradiance, geomagnetic activity, volcanism, etc.

STT (Photo Courtesy: WeatherBell)

Interestingly, some scientists have stated that increasing snow is consistent with climate change because warmer air holds more moisture, more water vapor and this can result in more storms with heavy precipitation. The trick, of course, is having sufficient cold air to produce that snow. But note that 93% of the years with more than 60″ of snow in Boston were colder than average years. The reality is cooling, not warming, increases snowfall. Note the graph depicting declining January through March temperatures for 20 years at a rate of 1.5 degrees F. per decade in the Northeast!

Northeast Average Temperature (Photo Courtesy: WeatherBell)

So, what gives? What can we expect going forward in the decades ahead? Are we indeed looking at a new paradigm? There is great uncertainty about the scope and prediction of climate change. Will there be a switch in direction? The Earth has experienced major cooling occurrences five times over the past 1000 years. When will the pendulum swing? Arctic temperatures and arctic ice extent varies in a predictable 60-70 year cycle. The greatest warming has been happening in the Arctic region and that can produce a weaker, less stable jetstream that allows frigid air to dive farther south to mix with the warmer oceans to trigger more potential snow events. It’s all cyclical. Ocean cycles are driven by solar cycles. Above and beyond that, important drivers are the Earth’s orbital cycles being comprised of such variables as the changes of the angle at which the Earth tilts on its axis plus the wobble of Earth on its axis. For now, we can be accurate in saying that the shorter range prediction of seasonal trends is more forecastable.

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  1. No one has more faith in their own fraud than self-declared scientists. Religious they are.

  2. Roy Lindberg says:

    Disregarding all the ” MAN MADE global warming” hysteria. A simple look back at geological records, paleoclimatology records etc. would have shown that climate is cyclic for many complex reasons. It’s been warmer and it’s been cooler without man in the equation.


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    And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

    1. Chris Weldon says:

      Off topic much?

      1. @Chris Weldon – Hey, yer right!! I thought I just had a brain fart and skipped over a few pages to the loony bin!! [ebil grin]

  4. devindenv says:

    But, but, but, Al Gore……………………..

  5. Mike Kruczaj says:

    It doesn’t make any difference how many days it snows, the number of days which the temperature is below freezing or how much snow there has been during the decade the people which believe man made global warming will NEVER change their minds because they will never admit they were wrong or were that stupid to believe all the Hype to begin with.

  6. Rick Cramer says:

    You’ll have to help me out if you are Bostonian readers here. With the recognition that you are being played by liberal democrat histrionics what to hit the world economy with a $1 trillion cost to stop mythical agw but yet you still vote democrat. Please explain

    1. An investment – whether into a failed stock or a failed ideology – is all but IMPOSSIBLE to discard. The holder of the fantasy will desperately, unflinchingly hold on to his chimera until the bitter, COLD end!

  7. Thomas Holsinger says:

    It’s simple. Global warming causes global cooling. It can do anything.

  8. Bob Johnson says:

    If Climate Change aka Global Warming “Scientist” know how to predict the weather (future flooding for example), and now they claim this COLD WEATHER is part of Global Warming…tell me genius’ WHY DIDN’T YOU SEE THIS COMING?

    I’ll give you time to hobble together your BS answer. Have fun.

  9. Maunder Minimum. No sunspots. Cold to follow. Big yellow thing in daytime sky causes more temperature fluctuations than anything humans can do.

  10. Robert Snyder says:

    Grand solar minimum , little ice age.

  11. the climate change pushers use anything to support their beliefs, but fact is nothing they ever say is going to happen happens.

  12. The article states that the greatest warming has been in the arctic area. But according to the arctic temperature graphs produced daily by the Danish Meteorological Institute current arctic summers have been cooler than the arctic summer in the 1960s. Look for yourselves. Just google danish meteorological arctic temperatures.

  13. Does this mean we don’t have to pay carbon taxes anymore? LOL what a fraud this has all been. Everything is cyclical in nature. The lower output of the sun will head us into a continued cooling period. Even NASA stated this the other day. Crops will fail in many areas and disease cycles will peak. That’s the realconcern, not the CO2 in the atmosphere.

  14. Norman Page says:

    Here is a quote “The empirical temperature data is clear. The previous millennial cycle temperature peak was at about 990. ( see Fig 3 in the link below) The recent temperature Millennial Turning Point was about 2003/4 ( Fig 4 in link below ) which correlates with the solar millennial activity peak at 1991+/.The cycle is asymmetric with a 650 year +/- down-leg and a 350+/- year up-leg. The suns magnetic field strength as reflected in its TSI will generally decline (modulated by other shorter term super-imposed solar activity cycles) until about 2650.
    The temperature increase since about 1650 is clearly chiefly due to the up- leg in the natural solar activity millennial cycle as shown by Lean 2018 “Estimating Solar Irradiance Since 850 AD” Fig 5……….The establishment’s dangerous global warming meme, the associated IPCC series of reports ,the entire UNFCCC circus, the recent hysterical IPCC SR1.5 proposals and Nordhaus’ recent Nobel prize are founded on two basic errors in scientific judgement. First – the sample size is too small. Most IPCC model studies retrofit from the present back for only 100 – 150 years when the currently most important climate controlling, largest amplitude, solar activity cycle is millennial. This means that all climate model temperature outcomes are too hot and likely fall outside of the real future world. (See Kahneman -. Thinking Fast and Slow p 118) Second – the models make the fundamental scientific error of forecasting straight ahead beyond the Millennial Turning Point (MTP) and peak in solar activity which was reached in 1991.These errors are compounded by confirmation bias and academic consensus group think.

  15. Max Stack says:

    The beauty of the theory of “global warming” is that it doesn’t matter what happens with the weather, regardless of what it is, “global warming” is the culprit.

  16. You need to understand that it be global warmin that bringeth forth da global coolin from the depths of unbeliefs. Thou shoudist be ashamed of youself.

  17. I need more taxes to feed my dog who is being cold now cause you not payin up you carbonites taxes.

  18. noseitall says:

    Silly people, that’s why we changed it to ‘Climate Change,’ so no matter what happens, we liberals are right!

  19. David Jhanson says:

    I really hope all of you Trumptards freeze to death.

    1. David, David, David, you seem … triggered. Here, have an ice cream cone, and chill.

  20. Jimmie Meehan says:

    if so if it is cooling we need to do what we can immediately to try to start global warming…with warming life can continue…..get enough of the white stuff reflecting the sun back out….much of the worlds population is going to die…..

  21. Global Cooling is the problem! (during winter.)
    Global Warming is the problem! (during summer.)

    But really, Fraudulent Science is the problem year round. Especially when it is for political gain and not really very scientific.

  22. Mike Storey says:

    But by all means, let’s institute a carbon tax in order to make heating a home more expensive and make it harder to survive brutal winters. Whether you believe carbon emissions raises temps or not, a carbon tax and reduction in the small amount of carbon emissions produced by man will make no difference in the global temps.

  23. lionallnight says:

    I’m surprised no liberals have threatened Barry Burbank’s life yet, since he’s obviously a denier.

  24. Hiram Floss says:

    but if globull warming is (NO SCHITE) a scam, what will the Snivelling Justice Whiners do without this “major crisis” to FEEEEEEL morally superior over? we’re gonna need more crayons, therapy ponies and emergency safe spaces STAT!

  25. Kenneth Hilderbrand says:

    Global warming is a scam, a hoax, a fraud. It is intended to separate us from our money. It has succeeded very well. Witness billions wasted on alcohol in gas, solar panels, wind generators, solar collectors. All of these increase cost and waste energy. And the vast majority of democrats can’t see it happening.

  26. Carl Ball says:

    in the 80’s there was a russian climatologist in siberia that noted they were seeing way more temp drops and heavier snow fall than recorded. he claimed we are in the start of a ice age as the real climate changer is in a cooling phase. with less sunspots! as for a ice age it will take 100’s of generations before it really begins. then the next question will it be a mini one like we saw in the dark ages that lasted just over 200 years or a major one that lasted over 100,000 years when we showed up about 30,000 years ago! the problem with this religion called a science is they think mostly in the present with claims of decades later of which they have no clue about as a tool for money and power! the un is using it to start the transition into what we turned down in 16 a global government run on the euro style! open borders for all and equal wealth for all! where have we heard this utopia before?

  27. Chera Adc says:


  28. Tamas Varhegyi says:

    Let’s make sure that we lay down some ground rules. We might have a severe ice age closing in on us, but nobody should have any doubt that it was caused by Global Warning. Which in turn is the fault of human activity but predominantly by president Trump. That is the way science works these days…

  29. The SMART way to deal with Climate CHANGE, which is the ever changing CLIMATE and has very little to do with the activity of HUMANS and everything to do with volcanoes, forest fires and the activity of the SUN, is to PREPARE for extreme temperatures using HUMAN INGENUITY and tapping into ALL kinds of power sources to allow humans to live in comfort no matter what the CLIMATE throws at us. We have the ability to cool the air and live in buildings that protect us from the extreme temperatures whether they be extreme heat or extreme cold. Instead of turning it into a “blame humans and tax them” “solution” let’s unleash human genius to keep the planet livable using available materials and energy instead of punishing fossil fuel and nuclear energy use!

  30. Quanah Parker says:

    Most Environmental-pseudo”Scientists” are just using our planet’s natural climate variability as a ruse to affect the social change they think is best (Social Collectivism). Maybe people should pay attention to real science. We are experiencing the chill of solar minimum. Baby boomers and poorly educated millennials should bundle up.

  31. David Puddy says:

    “The Earth has a Fever” – Al Gore

  32. Tony Heller says:

    The jet stream pattern was very similar during the bitter cold winters of the 1970s, when Arctic sea ice extent was near the century peak. Blaming the polar vortex and dips in the jet stream on global warming and Arctic amplification is incorrect.

  33. Sherry Gerald says:

    But the entire, brilliant Northeast votes Democrat religiously. It’s hard to have sympathy for any problems cold and snow might give you people.

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