By Bill Shields

CHELMSFORD (CBS) – A Lowell woman accused of stealing money meant for disabled people and their families pleaded guilty to fraud Wednesday but won’t serve any time behind bars.

Prosecutors say 45-year-old Amy Young embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars from LifeLinks, where she worked for years.

Young was charged with stealing $135,000 from the company, but officials say it was much higher.

“It’s $288,000 and that amount has been verified through auditors, two auditing firms that we had hired,” said LifeLinks board member Robert Anctil.

LifeLinks is a non-profit that’s been in Chelmsford since 1954. They provide services to disabled people.

Nearly 600 people use their services daily.

In court, Assistant Attorney General Paula DeGiacomo said Young spent the money on herself and her family. “For various items such as her college sorority party, her husband’s dental bill, camps and birthdays, parties for her son,” DeGiacomo said.

Young got two years of probation, but LifeLinks will take longer to recover.

“Certainly the organization took a big cut, a big hit in this process and we are on the way to recovering,” Anctil said.

Bill Shields

  1. Alan B Flood says:

    Why was she allowed to avoid prison? Guy steals $200 from a store and more then likely gets prison/jail time. She walks – no wonder minorities think the system is rigged to favor white people. But it is Ma. where liberals allow judges to let people off with minimal punishment if White. She gets probation? she should at minimum gotten two years working free for the charity doing everything from latrine duty to snow shoveling to floor cleaning and trash removal.

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