AUBURN (CBS) — A man was shot and injured by Auburn Police Wednesday afternoon. The officers responded to a gas station on Swanson Road after a red pickup truck that police were issued a warning about was spotted.

According to Auburn Police, there was an interaction between the officers and the man in the truck, who they believed had a gun.

Dramatic video shows the moment officers shot the man.

“All I heard was just shots going off like crazy,” said Dean Ghannoum, who took the video.

Moments after, he was told by police to take shelter.

Three Auburn Police officers surround pickup truck (Image credit Dean Ghannoum)

“I did hear the cops say to the person who was in the car, ‘drop your gun, let me help you; drop your gun, let me help you,’” Ghannoum said.

Then officers fired.

“He was wounded. He has been taken to a local hospital. The police officers were not injured,” said Worcester District Attorney Joseph Early Jr.

Auburn Police had been looking for the unnamed suspect since earlier Wednesday afternoon; it is unclear as to why. When the truck was located at the Shell gas station, they responded.

“When the Auburn police officers did respond to the scene, they found one male occupant with what appeared to be a firearm in his possession,” said Early.

This was an isolated incident and there is no threat to the public, police said.

  1. Is the guy dead? Who warned officers about the truck, and why? What made the officers think he had a gun?

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