MALDEN (CBS) – For comic book fans, Stan Lee’s creations are stuff of legend.

Alan Vickers, the manager of New England Comics in Malden says Lee’s stories are part of American history.

Stan Lee Comics Books at New England Comics (WBZ-TV)

“Stan was responsible for most of what is in this room, and if he didn’t write it, he affected it, he created it,” Vickers said.

Monday, some fans of the visionary met at New England Comics to mourn Lee’s passing and pay tribute by sharing stories.

“He was the originator. Ever since I got into comics, I really looked up to him,” a fan said.

Vickers said Lee’s trademark and legacy will be rooted in realism and how he created fantasies featuring characters with personality, real world problems.

“The teenage kid from Queens who gets bit by a spider, Spiderman, wow, where did that come from. And the best thing about that story is he’s not a big shining icon, he screws up a lot, while he’s trying to figure out how to do the right thing,” Vickers said.

Alan Vickers manager at New England Comics in Malden (WBZ-TV).

Lee is being remembered as a big, shining icon as he passed away Monday at 95 years old.

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