MANCHESTER-BY-THE-SEA (CBS) — If you love seafood, the Phantom Gourmet has just the place for you: Black Arrow in Manchester-by-the-sea.

Chef Brenden Crocker is a straight shooter when it comes to the vision he has for his restaurant.
“We’re 100 percent focused on food and service here,” he says.

Black Arrow (Phantom Gourmet)

“We’re not a craft cocktail bar, we’re not a nightclub or a lounge. It’s really a food-focused restaurant.”

And he’s keeping that food simple and delicious. “We’ve always sort of leaned towards what we call grassroots cuisine and that is just start with simple ingredients and keep it simple. And we don’t really do anything foo foo. I don’t do cube-shaped food, or foams or stuff that you can’t pronounce for the most part.”

Black Arrow (Phantom Gourmet)

So the menu is filled with lots of locally sourced seafood, an awesome burger, loaded house-made potato chips, and any other dishes Brendan enjoys cooking and thinks his customers will enjoy eating.

Black Arrow (Phantom Gourmet)

“We don’t really have any cuisine restrictions, we can do whatever we want.”

Brenden grew up right in town, and now he sees plenty of familiar faces filling his 44-seat dining room.

Black Arrow (Phantom Gourmet)

And since the restaurant is located on the water, he decorated it with lots of nautical touches, and large French doors that let in plenty of natural light with the overall goal to simply make customers feel welcome. “I want my customers to feel comfortable, welcome, and happy. People walk in here, they get greeted with a smile, they get sat, we feed them. My main objective is that everybody leaves happy, full, and satisfied.”


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