BOSTON (CBS) — Most local attendees of Boston College’s football game against Clemson University were BC fans and disappointed by the game’s final score. But one Braintree boy had a gameday experience he won’t soon forget.

Thirteen-year-old Jake is a hardcore Clemson fan and he is battling muscular dystrophy. Jake and his family tailgated with fellow Tigers fans and were treated to lobster.

“I’m excited,” said Jake, who was confident his team would win. “I’m excited for them to play BC.”

Giles Parker and Jake enjoying the Clemson tailgate (WBZ-TV)

“I’m proud to be a Clemson fan and I like their player Christian Wilkins who’s from Massachusetts,” he explained.

Giles Parker, Jake’s dad, said he son has been a fan for about three or four years. “He watched Deshaun Watson, who’s become his favorite player in college or pro, and so we’ve been to a couple of games and just keep following and watching every game.”


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