BOSTON (CBS) –  A crash in the O’Neill Tunnel and the resulting traffic “nightmare” on I-93 was the talk of social media around Boston Thursday morning.

Dramatic video from inside the tunnel shows the truck hitting the ceiling, sending debris all over the road. There were no reports of any serious injuries, but the traffic backup was massive.

One commuter said her drive took three times as long as usual.

Another took a photo from the “nightmare” backup, where they were sitting at a dead stop.

Those on public transit couldn’t escape the mess either.

There was also a lot of attention paid to the video itself, with many praising the “awesome reaction time” made by the driver who swerved to avoid hitting the truck in front of them.

All lanes of traffic in the tunnel were re-opened around 8 a.m. Police cited the driver for an overheight and overwidth truck.


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