BOSTON (CBS) — Ahead of the season, Jaylen Brown said with great conviction that the Celtics would be in the NBA Finals come June.

Even with the Celtics off to a meh start to the season, Brown is not backing down. Heck, the 22-year-old guard is taking it five steps further. Brown expects to have a fully loaded trophy room by the time he turns 28, telling Bleacher Report’s Taylor Rooks that he believes the Celtics will win a handful of titles over the next six years.

“I’m not going to jinx myself, but six years? I’m going to go ahead and say five or six,” he told Rooks. “I’ll say that. I don’t want to jinx myself. I don’t play to lose, so I’m going to give it a five.”

Winning his first championship this year would certainly help, since a five-peat is next to impossible to pull off. After a 6-4 start to the year, Brown still remains “super confident” in the 2018-19 Celtics’ chances winning the franchise’s 18th title.

While the statement is a bit outrageous, it’s hard not to like Brown’s confidence. And he wants to make it clear that this unbridled faith in himself and his team should not be mistaken for arrogance.

“I’m not being arrogant, and we’re going to have to take steps to be the team we say we want to be,” said Brown. “But we have the mindset of a champion. That’s where it starts.”

Now the Celtics just need that mindset to carry over when they actually take the floor.


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