BOSTON (CBS) – Some people say it’s the first time in years they’ve had to wait in line to vote on an Election Day.

Turnout has reportedly been high at several polling locations across Massachusetts Tuesday for the midterm elections.

“In my 23 years in Marshfield, I’ve never had to park a quarter mile away to vote, not even in a presidential year,” a voter told WBZ-TV around 9 a.m.

Secretary of State Bill Galvin said he expects about 2.4 million people to vote in Massachusetts on Tuesday.

“There’s a high number of young people. Over the last several days my office has been receiving many phone calls from younger people in particular, looking for information about where they vote,” Galvin said. He added that current national politics may also be pushing people to vote.

The 2014 midterms saw 2.1 million votes cast, while 2.3 million came out in 2010.

The cold, rainy weather doesn’t appear to be a factor this year.

“Two years ago I was away on vacation and I did an absentee ballot which is fine, but there is something about being here. I just wanted to come in and actually vote,” said Brittany Cutrell, who voted at Cathedral High School in Boston.

“If you don’t vote, you lose the right to complain,” voter Phillip Bakalchuk told WBZ.

Galvin said about 585,000 Massachusetts residents took advantage of early voting, which ended last Friday. More than 124,000 voters applied for absentee ballots.


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