MANCHESTER, New Hampshire (CBS) — When you’re in the mood for something fast, fresh, and affordable, nothing hits the spot like The Gyro Spot. With locations in Manchester and Dover New Hampshire, The Gyro Spot offers food that reminds you of being in Greece and it’s usually served with a bit of “Athens attitude.”

The Gyro Spot (Phantom Gourmet)

The last time Alex Lambroulis went to Greece, he decided to bring that taste back to the states. “Every summer I’d go back to Greece to visit my dad, and that’s all we had. What do you want, gyro. What do you want, gyro. So then by the end of it, we’re like, ‘why wouldn’t this work in the states?’ I mean there’s burritos, there’s all that kind of stuff, this is like the Greek version of that,” said Alex.

The Gyro Spot (Phantom Gourmet)

So about six years ago, Alex opened The Gyro Spot where he and his team serve gyros, of course, made on warm pita, stacked with sauce, roasted meats, fresh veggies, and crispy fries.

“It’s just the simplicity of the ingredients, you got your meat, you got your potatoes, you got your carbs, your sauce. Just all wrapped up in every bite, you just take one bite, and you’re just like, this is just amazing,” said Alex.

The Gyro Spot (Phantom Gourmet)

And that wrapping part is important in making sure all those great ingredients end up in your mouth, not on your shirt. “You can’t actually start working the line until you learn how to wrap a gyro properly. Put it on the corner, to the one side, tuck this side in, fold it all the way around, spin it at the bottom, give it a little pinch, and it stays altogether.”

There are plenty of other Greek eats here too like spanokopita, stuffed grape leaves. avgolemono soup and authentic village salads. And for dessert, sweet homemade Baklava.

The Gyro Spot (Phantom Gourmet)

Alex said, “People should come here because we’re just different. It’s something unique. We cook right in front of you. You know what you’re eating, it’s fresh, it’s healthy for the most part, and just the environment, we’re so welcoming, why wouldn’t you want to hang out with us.”


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