SALEM, N.H. (CBS) – More needles have been found in Halloween candy, this time in Salem, New Hampshire.

Police said a man came into their department Friday, reporting that he found sewing needles in several pieces of candy. It’s believed to have come from one of the neighborhoods off Kelly Road.

Needles in candy in Salem, New Hampshire (Photo credit: Salem police)

Parents are being urged to “closely inspect” all their children’s Halloween candy and report anything suspicious to authorities.

“This incident seems to mirror several incidents reported throughout the region,” police said.

In Marshfield, two families say they found a needle or metal in Twizzlers collected by trick-or-treaters in the Brant Rock area.

Police say sewing needles were found in Twizzler candy. (Photo credit: Marshfield police)

Police are telling parents to throw away any Twizzlers.

A spokesman for Hershey’s, which makes Twizzlers, told WBZ-TV it’s unlikely the candy was altered at the factory because of strict quality control programs.

Marshfield police say anyone caught giving out contaminated candy faces five years in state prison.

In Sturbridge, police had warned parents Friday about a metal object found in a piece of candy, but it turned out to just be from dental work. 

And in Oak Bluffs, police say a parent found a nail in a mini Hershey’s chocolate bar.

  1. Chris Kellogg says:

    Well seeing that there is a 99% chance that these are hoaxes, just like they are every year. I wonder if WBZ will do some follow up stories. Or will this just be the annual Halloween click bait story

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