SHIRLEY (CBS) — A man from Shirley is being held without bail after the Middlesex District Attorney said 47 unlicensed guns, 44 homemade silencers, and 35,000 rounds of ammunition were found in his home. Sixty-two-year-old Jeffrey Dusti was arraigned in Ayer District Court Thursday.

Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan said, “You see the kind of the firepower that was contained in that house, the number of rounds of ammunition, we have a least one sawed off shotgun, we have an AR15, an enormous amount of firepower, in a house, in a neighborhood where you would assume neighbors were unaware this was stockpiled in that house.”

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Jeffrey Dusti (Photo Courtesy: Middlesex District Attorney)

“We don’t know right now, the purpose of why he had them, had so many, or why he was making so many silencers,” Ryan said.

Initially, police executed a search warrant at Dusti’s house when they were informed of a homemade silencer. Dusti also had an outstanding assault and battery on a person over the age of 60 warrant.

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“Upon arrival authorities allegedly observed a sawed off shotgun in plain view. Upon completion of the search of the residence State Police also allegedly located approximately 35,000 rounds of ammunition, 44 homemade silencers and 47 unlicensed firearms,” said a statement from the D.A.

Jeffrey Dusti was arrested after these unlicensed guns were found in his home (Photo Courtesy: Middlesex District Attorney)

While the Massachusetts State Police Gang Unit conducted the search, it is unclear if Dusti has gang ties.

“As we look at the recent events across the country, now more than ever, we have to be mindful of the risks of the proliferation of unlicensed firearms as well as homemade modifications,” said Ryan.

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Investigators do not know if any of the guns have been used in a crime and are currently testing them. Dusti faces multiple charges and additional charges are possible.