MARSHFIELD (CBS) – Police in Marshfield are telling residents to throw away any Twizzlers collected during Halloween after sewing needles were found inside the candy.

Carol Keating’s three-year-old grandson trick-or-treated in the Brant Rock neighborhood. Carol’s daughter found two separate Twizzlers packs with sewing needles in them among the toddler’s candy bag.

“I would like to think that there was a problem at the factory,” said Carol. “And if that’s the case, I’m even more worried now God knows how many are out there.”

A spokesman for Hershey’s, which manufactures Twizzlers, told WBZ-TV that it is unlikely the candy was altered at the factory because of strict quality programs, including metal detectors, that ensure products are safe.

“It doesn’t anger me, it frightens me,” Carol said. She is thankful her daughter inspected her grandson’s candy.

“It’s really hard for me to imagine that anybody in this neighborhood would do something like that. Because like I said, we go to the same places all year, we’ve never had a problem.”

Police are now investigating the contaminated candy to determine where they came from.

“This was supposed to be a night that was fun for the children. But I’ll tell you what, anyone caught giving out candy contaminated with injury-causing substances faces five years in state prison,” said Police Chief Phillip Tavares.

A second family came forward Thursday night to report a small piece of metal found in a pack of Twizzlers.

There have been other reports of suspicious items in candy in states like Tennessee, Maine, and New Mexico but police have not said if any of these are related.

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  1. Please follow up with the PD – what was the outcome of the investigation? Was anyone arrested?

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