BOSTON (CBS) — Victory parades are nothing new in Boston, so players and fans alike are pretty good at celebrating a championship.

But maybe it’s time to stop throwing beers at players when they pass by on duck boats. Several frosty brews were tossed at Red Sox players throughout Wednesday’s World Series victory parade in Boston, and one nearly took out Mookie Betts.

The Sox outfielder didn’t have his gold glove with him, and couldn’t corral a pair of cans that flew his way as the parade made its way through Copley Square. It’s a good thing everyone else on the duck boat was paying attention when the second can flew in.

Betts spent most of his victory parade ducking and dodging beer cans and nips thrown toward his duck boat.

“This definitely has got to stop,” he told the Boston Globe.

A beer can thrown during the parade hit one of Boston’s four World Series trophies, slightly damaging it. A statement from the Red Sox said the damage was minimal and nothing that could not be easily fixed.

At least one fan was hit by a flying beer can and had to go to the hospital for stitches, according to the Boston Globe.

A 19-year-old man from Sandwich was arrested for allegedly throwing a beer can at manager Alex Cora. He is being charged with assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon and disorderly conduct.

Video tweeted by Sox fan Bo Tilly and taken in the same area as the arrest shows beer being thrown at Cora, who points into the crowd after being hit.

Most Red Sox players caught the libations thrown their way and enjoyed the suds. Reliever Matt Barnes showed off his sure hands by hauling in not one, but two blue sodas that flew his way (check out the video above). Others decided to shake them up and let the crowd join in on the fun.

And then there was Rick Porcello. He took a beer bath after Boston’s World Series-clincher in Los Angeles, and on Wednesday, took a beer shower during the parade.

Red Sox pitcher Rick Porcello pours liquid on his head on a duck boat during the 2018 World Series victory parade. (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)

While it was mostly good fun on Wednesday, maybe fans should stop throwing beer cans around next time Boston celebrates another title.

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  1. Michael Rogers says:

    Hey Teenage Fool
    You tossed that beer can
    Proving to us that you’re an idiotic Man
    I guess you don’t care that it could’ve hit a child right there
    You will be summoned to spend time in the clinker
    Next time SCHMUCK please don’t be a stinker!!

  2. It’s just a baseball game. Come on guys, grow up. None of the crowd had anything to do with winning the game.

  3. Jim Smith says:

    A beer can damaged the World Series trophy?!? Lord Stanley is rolling on the floor laughing.

  4. Paul Smith says:

    This is why the Lord Stanley trophy you see in public is ALWAYS a replica. The original is in a vault that resembles a Mission Impossible set.

  5. Devon Morgan says:

    I actually saw someone who was ON a duck boat dump a beer on a policeman in the street!!

  6. John Deuteronomy says:

    Boston is a city imbued with class and learning. Even those who haven’t benefited from its wealth of money benefit from its wealth of knowledge.

  7. Let’s hope next year’s champion is a team with more respectable fans.

  8. Pat Patterson says:

    People can be so stupid at times. I’m not a Sox fan but people should have respect for property and persons.

  9. William J. Darr says:

    Americans are turning into what the Europeans always thought they were. It wasn’t always so, but now they can say, “I told you so!”

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