By Mike LaCrosse

BOSTON (CBS) – Word of James “Whitey” Bulger’s death spread quickly around his old neighborhood in South Boston.

“He had platinum blond hair so that’s why they called him Whitey,” said Bernadette Jankowski.

Bulger’s death was the topic of discussion around the liquor store he’s accused of muscling away from the owner.

Rotary Liquors in South Boston (WBZ-TV)

This, as lifelong Southie residents told WBZ how the neighborhood was different under Whitey’s watch.

“There were things you did and didn’t do and he kind of like policed us,” said Donald Aylward.

South Boston today is not the way Whitey would remember it.

South Boston. (WBZ-TV)

“It’s completely different now there are luxury apartment buildings everywhere all around us so he wouldn’t even recognize it if he came back today,” said Matt Stuart.

The area is filled with millennials who are vaguely familiar with Bulger’s name.

“Do you ever hear about Whitey Bulger here in the year you’ve lived in this neighborhood,” asked WBZ reporter Mike LaCrosse.

“No not too much. Should I have,” said Paula Gadomski.

Mike LaCrosse


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