BOSTON (CBS) – For the fourth time in 15 years, joyful Red Sox fans will line the streets of Boston to celebrate the World Series Champions. Duck boats are set to roll out.

Duck boats prepare for rolling rally Wednesday October 31, 2018 (WBZ-TV)

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Jennifer Mauceri is at the wheel under the stage name “Flo Waters.”

“I did the Red Sox in 2013 I had Jake Peavy and Jon Lester on board and then 2015 I did the Patriots parade and I had Tom Brady and Jimmy Garoppolo and I have three school aged children so it was the first time in my life they thought I was cool,” Mauceri said.

Hundreds of thousands are expected to line the route and thankfully the weather will be better than past Patriots parades.

Jennifer Mauceri (WBZ-TV)

“People were up on snowbanks, men had no shirts on screaming, body painting it’s like oh my gosh everybody is so into this,” Mauceri said.

As exciting as it is to see who is coming onto their duck boats, the driver’s main focus is on the road and safety.

Red Sox World Series 2018 parade route (WBZ-TV)

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“It’s nice and slow, you just are on your brake the whole time taking it all in,” Mauceri said.

And players won’t be the only ones on board. Meet 10-year-old Brayden Buckley. His mom won a contest to ride in the parade.

Brayden Buckley (WBZ-TV)

And Brayden, knows exactly who he wants to meet. “Chris Sale and J.D. Martinez,” Brayden said.

While on the duck boat, we happened to run into WBZ’s Bob Lobel. He believes this could be the best team in Boston sports history.

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Which is why he’s willing to help out Wednesday. “They probably need some drivers so I’ll probably show up in the morning with my captain’s hat, have one of those little quackers,” Lobel said.

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Mayor Walsh would like to see most people take public transportation into the city. He says people should act as they would if they were in front of their own homes and respect the city.

Lisa Gresci