BOSTON (CBS) – Will the World Series champion Boston Red Sox visit President Donald Trump at the White House? Manager Alex Cora said that decision has not yet been made.

Cora was asked if the team would make the trip if invited during his postgame press conference.

“We’ll talk about it later on,” Cora said.

Earlier this fall, Cora was critical of Trump’s comments about Puerto Rico, the native country of the Red Sox manager.

White House visits have been the source of controversy during the Trump presidency. Trump called off the Eagles’ Super Bowl visit when it became evident a small number of players would be attending.

The Golden State Warriors did not visit the White House when they won the NBA title. After winning the Stanley Cup, last year, the Pittsburgh Penguins did visit with President Trump.

In an interview with WEEI’s Rob Bradford, Red Sox owner John Henry said he believed the team would visit the White House.

“I think we will. This is a special team. We’ll see what they want to do, but I think so,” Henry said.

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  1. The marxist leaders of the People’s Republic of Massachusetts will never condone a sports team visit to a non-communist president.

    1. George Glaser says:

      Love the Red Sox but if this guy blows this off I’m done. Grow up and be respectful and mature Alex,

      1. Markey Farrell says:

        – I agree. Enough of this liberal bs. Why try to make me dislike you or the Sox?

  2. This is what happens if you’ve lived in the People’s Republic of Marxachusetts for too long. Thanks for spoiling the Sox victory for me, clown.

    1. George Glaser says:


  3. john L says:

    Why should overpaid athletes be invited to the peoples house when regular people like us aren’t allowed there? This is an Elitist practice that should end.

  4. I just left Boston after spending four days there. It is the worst place on the planet that I have been to out of 35 states and seven countries. If you’ve never been, save the plane ticket and don’t go. It is disgusting. The people’s attitudes make it that way. If they want their communist way of life, please leave the rest of the country out of it! Everyone is perpetually unhappy and phone zombied. I get sick just thinking about it.

  5. ahs2 says:

    Athletes, celebrities, other famous-types, lend me your ears…you live in a fantasy world, governed by fantasy rules, neither of which the average Joe or Jane will ever get a whiff of, soooooo, your opinions mean zippo to those of us who think for themselves

  6. Barry Levy says:

    Just make it easy, you can’t refuse an invitation which is never given. Trump doesn’t need pro athletes coming to the White house to make him feel special, he owned a football team, he deals with pro athletes all the time, Heck Jim Brown was just at the White HOuse with Kanye.

    So Red Sox, you might wait to see if you even invited

  7. Chris Appel says:

    Wake up Cora,,Puerto Rico is as corrupts as they come..don’t blame Trump for you islands short comings and culture.

    1. Robert W Nagel says:

      He thinks that if you ignore the corruption there is no corruption. Cognitive dissonance.

  8. David Leach says:

    PR is a Hell hole of corruption and welfare…..None of which is Trumps fault.

  9. Ed Vogel says:

    Alex Cora, you should accept the invitation and attend with your team and be thankful. You should also take a moment and get some time with President Trump to sit with him and talk about your concerns for your home, Puerto Rico. I guarantee that you will do more for fellow Puerto Rico residents by speaking with him as the calm and intelligent man that you are instead of bowing to liberal lunacy which is expecting you to bow out and be controversial. You have an opportunity to do great things here and have a meeting with our President. Please take the high road and do the right thing.

    1. Guy Costa says:

      Excellent comment, Ed.

    2. click52 says:

      Ed… Your comment may be the best comment I have ever read online. Thank you!

  10. stinkin says:

    First off Cora is the manager, not the owner, It’s not your decision. Your selfish opinion could ruin the win for the team. Grow up big boy.

  11. Biff Wellington says:

    First of all, I despise Boston. But you cannot deny that they had one hell of a team this year, and deserved the championship. That being said, screw a bunch of politics. Sports is one thing, politics is another. That’s why they’re (supposed to belong) on different channels, so I can enjoy one without being poisoned by the other. Now, pull your head out of your ass and accept the honor of being invited to the White House.

  12. Perry Mason says:

    I didn’t know that the President had even offered these pampered divas an invitation. Why offer a sports team with the collective IQ of a shoelace an audience with someone as brilliant as our President? Whining bunch of girly men.

  13. Cora’s sense of entitlement is exactly why we are cautious about immigrants…instead of gratitude for having a slice of the American dream, he spits in our face! I am damn sick of it!!

  14. “Earlier this fall, Cora was critical of Trump’s comments about Puerto Rico, the native country of the Red Sox manager.” Puerto Rico is a country? Hmmm.

  15. Richard Baker says:

    Then DON’T come. It would show your lack of class, Red Sox. Would you also protest his throwing out the First Pitch of the season?

  16. John Matson says:

    If Cora won’t go then get another manager. There are plenty of good one’s out there. He may have won with this team, but I never saw him swing a bat once in five games.

  17. John Diamond says:

    Trump was correct about both the corruption of PR leadership and the false narrative that attributed thousands of deaths to the Hurricane…using a sketchy method to do so. If the press would just stop hating on and lying about Trump we would all be happier. OH and Trump was right that RIch Hill was pulled too soon.LOL

  18. Joe Zazzarino says:

    Send the New York Yankees in their place.

  19. Bob Suyak says:

    I am sure everyone will be so sad if the freakin rican manager does show up in our White House.

  20. Brad Kaplan says:

    Too lazy and incompetent to learn and understand important matters of state.

  21. Ken Chapel says:

    looks like Cora is Puerto Rican first, American second…typical

  22. Funny, everyone comes to the U.S. to be successful leaving their corrupt homelands and then want to make the U.S. in the image of their corrupt homeland. That’s the difference between immigrants who came to the U.S. in the early 1900’s and the ones that arrive now. The immigrants who came and then had children who became the greatest generation loved their heritage but never wanted to remake the U.S. in the image of their failing and corrupt homelands. They loved the U.S. and its system so much so they sent their sons to save Europe and democracy. Unfortunately, they made life so easy for those who followed, their children tolerate disrespect of the ideals of the country and love it when new immigrates criticize the country that gave them so much.

  23. Dave Johnson says:

    Who cares? I was a Red Sox fan for decades. Now, for about ten years, i look at them and all professional athletes as a bunch of pampered millionaires who live a life of incredible luxury because they happen to be good at some game. And now we have to put up with many of these players laughing in the face of and disrespecting the ‘little people’ who pay their salaries with their flag kneeling and their overt hatred of the president. The people that worship these idiots don’t seem to realize that most of these dolts who they think of as ‘our players’ and ‘our team’ could care less about them personally, and would pack up and leave town in a heartbeat if some other team floats a better offer their way. Idiots.

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