By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — Manny Machado’s gotten all sort of attention this postseason, for all the wrong reasons, as he enters his winter of free agency. From choosing not to hustle, to authoring a questionable slide or two, to kicking a first baseman, to stepping on another first baseman, it’s been negative story after negative story this October for the Dodgers’ shortstop. And it ended in some unfortunate fashion.

Machado stepped to the plate with two outs and nobody on in the ninth inning of Game 5, with his Dodgers trailing 5-1. The Dodgers were all but eliminated at that point, but Machado — who was 0-for-3 with a pair of strikeouts to that point — had a chance to at least keep the season alive for one more batter.

Facing Chris Sale, who entered in relief and struck out the first two batters in the ninth, Machado fell behind 0-2 in the count. After missing with a ball, Sale threw his devastating slider down and in on the right batter. Machado tried his best to make contact, but he failed.

The game was over, the World Series was over. But the internet was not done with Machado.

By dropping to a knee and flailing at the breaking ball, Machado ended up contorting his body into the shape of the letter “K.” It instantly became meme fodder.

Nothing gets past the internet.

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