By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — Buffalo Bills fans have some unique traditions. Their penchant for throwing each other through folding tables in parking lots is well known around the world, but in recent years, they’ve added a new practice whenever the Patriots come to town.

That tradition? Throwing a sex toy onto the field during games against the Patriots.

It began in 2016, happened again in 2017, and sure enough, with the Bills hosting Monday Night Football on national TV, it happened again in 2018.

Clearly, the threat of a lifetime ban that was put out as a warning in 2016 has not slowed down the production from Buffalo’s strong-armed rubber hurlers, because the tradition has now lived on for another year.

The throw into the end zone wasn’t even the first sex toy toss of the night, as an earlier attempt came up a bit short.

Weird stuff happens when the Patriots visit the Bills. This ritual ranks among the weirdest.

UPDATE: NewsRadio 930 AM in Buffalo reported Tuesday that a man has been charged with making the throw.

Comments (9)
  1. Vincent Giuliano says:

    a lubricant would have slid across the field

  2. Doug Day says:

    3rd and long…

    1. Francisco Peña says:

      But they got to 4th and Inches

  3. Tony Tads says:

    bill again used in stick it to the Bills

  4. Jenny Hope says:

    The Bills couldn’t get it up for the game.

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