By Juli McDonald

BELLINGHAM (CBS) – A Bellingham mother is on a desperate mission to find her late husband’s wedding band. The grief is still so raw for the Mackie family; it’s been less than a year since Caitlin and her six little kids lost their husband and dad, Ronnie.

“He was such a good dad. He loved his kids. He worked hard. He just wanted to have as many kids as we could possibly have. He enjoyed being a dad. Truly enjoyed it,” Caitlin said.

Caitline Mackie (WBZ-TV)

Since his sudden death, Caitlin has kept her love close to her heart, always carrying his tungsten wedding band engraved with their April 2009 wedding date.

“I just feel kind of lost not having it with me…” she said.

Sunday afternoon, while Caitlin donated bags of clothes at a bin along Route 126, she heard her van door slam shut.

Ronnie Mackie (WBZ-TV)

“I ran around to make sure one of the kids hadn’t gotten out of the car. I saw someone driving off. Then I realized my [zebra print] purse was gone,” Caitlin recalled.

Her cards and cash – gone… along with her most prized possession.

“Priceless to me. Priceless to my kids. It was something I wanted my oldest son Aiden to have when he got married. It’s irreplaceable for us. Nothing can fix it. We just want it back. I don’t care about anything else in the bag. I just want the ring back.”

Caitlin has notified Bellingham Police. She hopes anyone who finds the ring or her purse might mail the items to police, or her home.

Bellingham Police Department
30 Blackstone Street, Bellingham

Mackie Family
85 Indian Run Road, Bellingham

Juli McDonald