By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — You’ve got to appreciate some professional shade at the NFL level.

And Malcolm Jenkins? That fella is throwing shaaaaade.

After being the target of Eric Reid’s ire last weekend, Jenkins was obviously going to get some media attention this week. He used it to make the case that Colin Kaepernick is good enough to warrant a paycheck from an NFL team. Fair enough.

But where things got interesting is when Jenkins worked in some blunt trash talk about Blake Bortles. It’s especially fascinating considering Jenkins and the Eagles will be facing Bortles in just a matter of days.

“I can turn on the tape this week and [see] our opponent and see Colin Kaepernick deserves a job,” Jenkins said.

It’s not exactly revelatory that a player is taking shots at Blake Bortles. That’s been the standard for a couple of years now. But to use Bortles in that manner, just a few days before playing him? Woo, doggy. That’s some high heat.

Granted, Bortles is in a bit of a vulnerable position, after he stunk out loud last weekend and got benched. He was 6-for-12 for 61 yards, and he coughed up the football twice. It was grisly. Maybe he never recovers.

But, even though Bortles is kind of a punching bag, you always have to soak in trash talk at that level. You don’t normally see it happening at all these days, let alone see it executed so well.

Now, picks!

(Home team in CAPS; Wednesday lines)

Miami (+7.5) over HOUSTON
One of these teams will probably win by 25 points. I don’t know which one. Thursday night, baby.

Jacksonville (+3.5) over Philadelphia (In London)
I’m telling you right now. This is probably a bad pick. You can rub this one in my face around 5 p.m. Greenwich Mean Time, when the defending champs blow out the Jaguars in jolly ol’ London. Whatever.

But sometimes when you foresee a zig, you almost have to predict a zag. The Jags are a mess. Bortles was terrible. The players were fighting each other in the postgame locker room. Pets heads falling off, all of that. It’s easy to say they’re going to face-plant this weekend. And you may be right.

But the Jags are heading to their home away from home. Maybe that’s just what they needed.

KANSAS CITY (-10) over Denver
Two meetings between these two teams in a short timespan has me worried, but I’m done with betting against the Chiefs. It’s unpleasant to witness them eviscerating yet another team when you tried to forecast their fall back to earth. There’s no use fighting it anymore.

Cleveland (+8.5) over PITTSBURGH
The Steelers will probably win, but can you imagine if they don’t? Mama mia! Here’s hoping the Browns play for another tie. I hope every Steelers-Browns game from here until eternity ends in a tie. That’s what this world deserves.

New York Jets (+7) over CHICAGO
The Bears are overrated. I actually am not sure how they’re rated, but I’ll still say with confidence — they’re overrated.

CINCINNATI (-4.5) over Tampa Bay
Baltimore (-2) over CAROLINA

Seattle (+3) over DETROIT

Washington (pick ’em) over NEW YORK GIANTS
Is this line an accident?

Has nobody seen the Giants play football?

Indianapolis (-3) over OAKLAND
They gotta flex this game to prime time. What a disaster. Two teams that are a combined 3-10, one that’s been outscored by 66 points (Oakland), the other that magically has a plus-4 point differential thanks to Derek Anderson and the Bills last week.

Ultimately I feel like the Raiders trading away all of their good players is going to come back to bite them here. You always want to keep your good players around.

San Francisco (-1) over ARIZONA
Are you ready for this logic? It’ll blow your mind.

The Cardinals have proven to be good enough to only beat the 49ers. They’re 1-0 vs. the 49ers; they’re 0-6 vs. everyone else. That means they’re bad.

And bad teams aren’t good enough to beat the same team twice in a four-week span. Just impossible.

Logic, complete.

LOS ANGELES RAMS (-9.5) over Green Bay
Take what I said about the Chiefs. Apply it here to the L.A. football club.

MINNESOTA (pick ’em) over New Orleans
Don’t look now, but the Minnesota Vikings are getting hot.

Just kidding. You can look all you want. It’ll be on your TV and everything so, feel free.

New England (-14) over BUFFALO
This line should be 50 points. Give me a break.

Sorry, Buffalo.

Last Week: 7-6-1
Season: 58-44-5

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