BOSTON (CBS) — Like just about everyone in Boston, Bruins head coach Bruce Cassidy has been enjoying the Red Sox’ run to the World Series.

Cassidy has even caught a few games at Fenway Park, taking his young son, Cole, to Wednesday night’s Game 2 victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers. Cassidy did admit, however, that they didn’t stick around for the full game.

“School day,” he said, adding they left after seven innings.

At least the Cassidy boys were there to see Boston plate three runs in the fifth inning, en route to their 4-2 win to take a 2-0 series lead. And for the B’s head coach, it was the second time he’s seen David Price start this postseason. Price earned his second straight win with six innings of two-run ball, and if Boston needs the lefty to start a game out in L.A. this weekend, they should probably see if they can get Cassidy to make a trip to Dodgers Stadium.

“I think I’m David Price’s good luck charm. That’s two games I’ve seen him pitch and he’s been very good. I’m happy for him; it’s been a tough go for him at times,” Cassidy said of Price. “He was lights out and so was their bullpen. They look good.”

Cassidy said he doesn’t channel his inner-coach when watching the Sox in the playoffs. Boston manager Alex Cora is making all the right moves on his own.

“I just watch the game and enjoy it. Alex has done a terrific job; it seems like every move he makes has worked out,” said Cassidy. “Good for him and that’s probably why they’re up 2-0.”

The Red Sox are 5-0 on the road this postseason, and have an opportunity to close things out in Los Angeles. Cassidy isn’t just rooting for the Red Sox because they are from Boston; you can add him to the long list of local athletes who have an extreme disdain for the Dodgers.

“Being an old Reds fan, I hate them,” he said. “I hope the Red Sox stick it to them.”

It sounds like Tom Brady, Julian Edelman and Cassidy should all get together if (when) the Red Sox finish off the Dodgers for a celebratory beverage, united in their hatred for the Los Angeles Dodgers.


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