BOSTON (CBS) — The line to get day-of tickets to see the Red Sox play in Game 1 of the World Series started well before sunrise Tuesday. Excited fans camped out outside Fenway Park to ensure that they would be able to buy seats.

First in line was a mother from Maine.

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Danielle Lawrence-Taylor was the first fan lined up for Red Sox World Series tickets outside Fenway Monday afternoon. (WBZ-TV)

Last time the Red Sox were in the World Series, Danielle Lawrence-Taylor and her son, Nicolas, stood in line for tickets but missed the cutoff. “So I made him a promise and I said next World Series we’re going no matter what,” said Danielle.

And she wasn’t taking any chances, Danielle was the only one in line on Monday afternoon. “I love this game, I love the Red Sox, and my son and I just have this really good bond and special meaning around doing this tradition,” Danielle said. She came prepared with warm clothes and blankets in her car.

Nicholas, now 15, said, “It’s cold out here of course, but we’re going to stay here, strong and just get some tickets and have fun!”

By 6:30 a.m. the line had grown to about a dozen die-hard fans.

Bob Mobilia, a Red Sox fan, and his sister Donna Moskal, a Dodgers fan (WBZ-TV)

Among them, Daniel and Angelica Vargas, who flew to Boston from San Diego to wait in line and cheer on the Red Sox. For this couple, having the Red Sox in the World Series is extra special. “My husband was just deployed for seven months so he just got back not even two weeks ago. So this is like a really big, great payoff for all of that,” said Angelica.

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Daniel added, “Coming back here to be with Angelica for the World Series it’s priceless.”

A few Dodgers fans were also sprinkled in line as it began to fill the sidewalk.

For Bob Mobilia and Donna Moskal, the World Series adds to a years-long sibling rivalry. “He’s is my brother, he’s a Red Sox fan, I’m a Dodgers fan, this has never happened before, once in a lifetime maybe, right?” said Donna. “He’s on a deserted island by himself rooting for the Red Sox, I’ve got the rest of the siblings, and the family root for the Dodgers,” she joked.

Gameday ticket sales opened three hours before 8:09 p.m. start time.

Red Sox fan Chase with his Game 1 tickets (WBZ-TV)

One of the fans lucky enough to get tickets after waiting in line was a boy named Chase. “I’m pumped,” Chase told WBZ-TV’s Paul Burton. “I’m absolutely pumped.”

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And for fans looking to get to Dodger Stadium for games at the end of the week in Los Angeles? JetBlue is offering a special deal to Red Sox Nation: $108 fares between Boston and Burbank, California, a nod to this year’s team for winning a record-setting 108 games this regular season.