BOSTON (CBS) – Tonight’s the night, Game 1 of the World Series, and that means it’s time for the moment you haven’t been waiting for – my prediction on the outcome. We’ll get to that in a minute. But first, a totally unbiased comparison of the two cities to whet your appetite.


A recent study found Boston traffic was the worst in the country in terms of the percentage of your commute you spend stuck in traffic, 14 percent of drive time for us. But, Los Angeles was close behind at 12 percent, and no one can persuade me that the traffic here is worse than L.A. Besides, while we may have more aggressive drivers, Los Angeles drivers are notorious for simply not knowing how to drive. Edge, Boston.


How about the people? Pound for pound, Los Angelenos are probably a nicer group than Bostonians, at least to strangers. But we have a stronger work ethic, and we don’t waste a lot of time trying to be someone we’re not. I have never seen more people on the street who’ve obviously had plastic surgery than I’ve seen on trips to L.A. Here in Boston, plastic surgery is what happens when you cut yourself on an iced coffee cup. Edge, Boston.


But I have to admit, even with the occasional mudslides and fires, L.A. weather is better than Boston weather. Edge, Los Angeles.


And what about our baseball teams? The Dodgers have talent and are managed by a great Boston sports hero, Dave Roberts, who stole second to spark the 2004 comeback against the Yankees.

But the Red Sox are loaded and red hot. I say, Red Sox in five, and a Duck Boat parade the day before Halloween. Heaven help us if we win it at Fenway on Halloween night.

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