By Tiffany Chan, WBZ-TVBy Tiffany Chan

WINTHROP (CBS) – A Winthrop family lost just about everything when a fire ripped through their Wilshire Street home Thursday night.

“I – I was speechless. I was just looking at it and tears coming down my face,” said Diane Olson. “The fire was so out of control.”

The Olson family has lived in the home for more than five decades. They lost the majority of their belongings, including family heirlooms that can never be replaced.

“All that we had on our back were pajamas, slippers and a bathrobe and that’s how we left,” said Diane Olson.

Diane and her seven relatives all managed to escape the blaze after her son Jason smelled smoke and warned everyone to get out.

Fire destroys home in Winthrop (WBZ-TV)

“I could see the flames coming up under the floorboards,” said Jason Olson.

The family is staying at a hotel as they contemplate their next steps. They’re relying on donations from a GoFundMe page to get by, and it’s already raised about $4,000.

“We’ve been getting some clothing and stuff like that,” said Diane Olson. “That’s what’s helping us right now.”

All the Olsons have are their memories and the kindness from others as this family begins to rebuild.

“People do come together in tragedy and you find what people are made out of and how kind people can be,” said Jason Olson.

Tiffany Chan


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