BOSTON (CBS) — Last week, Patriots receiver Julian Edelman stated in no uncertain terms that he detests the Los Angeles Dodgers. Edelman’s hope was that L.A. would reach the World Series so that the Boston Red Sox could “pound ’em.”

As it turns out, fellow Bay Area native Tom Brady feels the same.

The quarterback joined WEEI for his weekly interview on Monday morning, and he confirmed that he, too hates the Dodgers. Brady plans on reveling in a Red Sox World Series victory over L.A.

Brady, of course, grew up in San Mateo as a fan of the San Francisco Giants. And given that he’s lived in Massachusetts for nearly 20 years, he’s become an adopted Red Sox fan as well. So if — or when — the Sox pick up a World Series win over the Dodgers?

“It’s going to be pretty sweet,” Brady said.