By Mike LaCrosse

SCITUATE (CBS) – A fox attacked two women in Scituate in a 12-hour span Thursday.

“The animal ended up in my house and I’m pulling kicking I can’t get it off,” victim Kelli Rodgers told WBZ-TV.

A woman was attacked by a fox in Scituate (Courtesy photo)

Rodgers was letting her dog in the house Thursday night when she saw an animal in her backyard. Worried about her family’s chickens she tried to scare it away. That’s when she says the fox came barreling around the corner right at her into her home on Old Oaken Bucket Road.

“The kids were screaming, it was chaos I couldn’t get the thing off of me. I finally at one point did get it off, I thought I threw it out the door and I couldn’t get the door closed, it came back it latched onto my right arm,” Rodgers said.

A woman was attacked by a fox in Scituate (Courtesy photo)

Another woman was also attacked. It happened early Thursday morning next to her garage on Tack Factory Pond Drive.

“She started screaming for me and she just got a scratch she’s fine,” said the victim’s husband.

Scituate Police later found a dead fox on Old Oaken Bucket Road.

“While there is no way to positively identify this fox as the animal involved in the earlier incidents, Scituate Animal Control will have the animal tested for rabies,” police said in a statement.

Mike LaCrosse