BOSTON (CBS) – It’s beginning to feel a lot like winter in New England, as some parts of Massachusetts and Vermont saw their first snow of the season.

It’s also time for some to get re-acquainted with winter driving, as police say a frost-covered car window nearly caused a crash. Massachusetts State Police spokeswoman Dustin Fitch tweeted a photo of a car windshield mostly obscured by frost and said the driver almost crashed into another car while changing lanes.

“Clear your windows!” Fitch wrote. “#ItsThatTimeOfYear”

On social media, some in the higher elevations of Massachusetts and Vermont posted photos of snow flurries that coated surfaces overnight.

And for those who really want to get an early start on winter, Vermont’s Killington Resort says it will be open for skiing on Friday.

Fall isn’t going away quite yet, however. Temperatures are expected to reach the 60s in Boston on Friday.

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    Subaru driver? I’m shocked!


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