By Gary Brode

ANDOVER (CBS) – The body of a newborn baby boy was found Tuesday at a recycling center in Stamford, Conn. Investigators believe that innocent child could be from Andover.

“We don’t know the specific details of that as far as the recycling goes, but we know that some of it came from this area,” Lt. Edward Guy said.

Stamford, CT; Greenwich, CT; Somers, NY and Oyster Bay, NY are the other areas being looked into.

City Carting in Stamford, Conn. (WBZ-TV)

“What they know is there are five communities, municipalities from the northeast that actually have sent recycling down to that particular facility on that day. They are trying to determine what time this came in, and the different companies that actually transported down there,” Guy said.

The Andover Public Works director told WBZ Republic Services is the company contracted to pick up the towns recyclables.

Lt. Guy says recyclables that are collected from Andover are then taking to a factory to be processed before it goes to the facility in Connecticut.

Republic Services, an Arizona based company tells WBZ “Our local operations teams are fully cooperating with this investigation, and any questions should be directed to the local authorities at this time.”

Gary Brode