By Juli McDonald

LOWELL (CBS) – Three children were injured after a school van and an SUV crashed in Lowell Tuesday afternoon.

Neighbors near Bridge Street heard the crash and ran to the street to help.

“I heard a loud bang, very loud. I hear accidents out here but this was a louder bang than normal,” witness George Garcia said.

The two drivers and three children were all conscious but visibly in pain. One child was flown to the hospital by a MedFlight helicopter.

bus2 3 Children Hurt In School Van Crash In Lowell

Three children injured in Lowell school van crash (WBZ-TV)

“All I remember hearing was ‘I want my mommy. I want to go home.’ One kid was holding his stomach on the ground. All the other kids were screaming. They got thrown about more than the other people. Everybody got hurt,” Garcia said.

As a dad himself, it was painful for Garcia to watch with his young daughter by his side.

“God forbid, she saw the whole thing. She was right beside me the whole time, looking at the whole thing. It could be her,” Garcia said.

The two drivers were also taken to the hospital.

The vehicles were traveling in opposite directions on Bridge Street. Lowell’s accident reconstruction investigators are piecing together exactly what led up to the collision.


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