BOSTON (CBS) — The New England offense has rounded into shape, putting up some big numbers over the last three weeks.

But Tom Brady says the Patriots’ offensive attack can be even better.

After scoring 38 points in each of their previous two games, the Pats dropped a season-high 43 points in Sunday’s high-flying victory over the Kansas City Chiefs. Brady threw for 340 yards and a touchdown, earning the 200th regular season victory of his career.

The return of Julian Edelman has certainly helped the offensive turnaround, as Brady’s favorite receiver hauled in four receptions for 54 yards, including Brady’s only touchdown pass of the game. Josh Gordon is also starting to look more comfortable in the New England offense, though there is still more work to be done as Gordon was only able to bring in five of the nine passes that went his way Sunday night.

That’s part of the reason Brady believes the New England offense can be much, much better than what we saw out of them Sunday night.

“I think we’re starting to feel confident in what we can achieve really if we put it together for four quarters,” Brady told WEEI’s Kirk & Callahan Monday morning. “I think it’s going to look great. We had 38, 38 and 43, and I think we all feel like there are plays still out there and we’re still getting familiar with one another. If we can just keep grinding and keep practicing and keep making improvements, it’s tough to stop us. That’s a good feeling.”

Brady added that he was impressed with Gordon’s high snap count on Sunday, with the receiver on the field for 63 snaps. That much time together go a long way in building a bond with his newest target, a relationship that Brady sees getting stronger and stronger as the weeks go on.

“I think the best is ahead of us if we just keep working at it,” he added.

As for plays he would like to have back, Brady pointed to his strip-sack fumble in the late in the third quarter as one they “left out there” Sunday night.

“That’s just a mental error. For me to roll right and avoid the guy and swing the ball around with really no chance to complete it,” he said. “I had guys. I had Julian [Edelman] on the sideline, I didn’t see him. Usually when you roll right you just gotta keep rolling right and try to make a good throw. But to stop and move around with all the bodies coming, it was just a mental mistake. I’m not going to have any more of those this year. I won’t do anything like that again.”

Only Brady and the Patriots would be unsatisfied with scoring 119 points in three weeks. The 4-2 Patriots visit the 3-2 Chicago Bears in Week 7.

  1. Bob Terrace says:

    Brady did not look sharp last night. Several balls under-thrown and a couple of over-thrown ones. He rarely had that problem in the past. I saw several times that open receivers were available on throws that instead went into a crowded area.