BOSTON (CBS) — David Price is not in the business of denying his postseason struggles. He’s also not much interested in explaining them.

Much like he did prior to his start against the Yankees, Price spoke to the media on Saturday and said that he does not have any answers for his continued issues as a starting pitcher in the playoffs.

“I don’t know. That’s a tough question. I don’t really have an answer,” Price said when asked what he’s learned about pitching in the playoffs. “I feel like I’ve given some answers the past eight years. But I really don’t have an answer for it. But I mean it’s different baseball. It is. It’s fun. I enjoy it. Haven’t been successful the way that I know I can be and will be, but I look forward to getting out there [Sunday].”

That being said, Price doesn’t plan on tearing down his entire process and starting from scratch.

“Belief,” Price said when how he resists making wholesale changes. “You know, you’ve got to have faith in yourself knowing that you’re going to bounce back, you’re going to match pitches and you’re going to help your team win.”

Price said his success will be dictated by how well he commands his fastball, and he also said he’ll have to make some adjustments to the frigid temperatures expected for the Sunday night start.

“Just try and stay warm before,” Price said. “The game make sure you’ve got a good lather going. Don’t get too much because whenever you step outside it can probably work the opposite direction. But just get loose and get warm inside and just carry that on to the field.”


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