By Katie Brace

TEMPLETON (CBS) – The Narragansett Regional High School fields are quiet for the night, but the community is buzzing about a coach facing a serious allegation.

“It infuriates me. It’s upsetting. It’s upsetting,” said parent Nancy Amidon.

The school superintendent posted a letter saying someone went to the police reporting a Narragansett high coach sent inappropriate content to a student. Police are investigating and the coach is now on administrative leave.

“A coach, he was doing something he was not supposed to be doing with a student,” said student Jacob Brown.

What makes the allegation even more disturbing for many parents is that just this past August a math teacher was charged with child porn. Before the start of school, Warren Anderson, 26, was charged in federal court for receiving and possessing child pornography.

“It’s just unfortunate that this is still continuing to go on in this day and age,” said Amidon.

Two years ago, teacher Michael Kacavich was charged for crimes relating to an inappropriate relationship with a student.

“Unfortunately, predators know where to hide,” said Amidon.

The superintendent said the coach must stay away from students and staff.

Police are not saying anything and the coach’s name is not being released because, as of yet, no charges have been filed.

“The staff is amazing. Our staff is great are amazing. It sucks that we have to be seen for these people that just, they don’t know how to handle themselves,” said Brown.

It’s another battle for the Warriors to fight on and off the field.

Katie Brace


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