Above, watch the full WBZ Massachusetts Governor’s Debate from October 9.

BOSTON (CBS) – The candidates for U.S. Senate, incumbent Senator Elizabeth Warren (D) and her challenger Representative Geoff Diehl (R), will participate in their first, televised debate in Boston on Friday, October 19. The hour-long debate will air live on WSBK-TV from 8-9 p.m., as well as stream live on CBSBoston.com.

Award winning WBZ-TV Political Analyst Jon Keller will moderate the live debate, which will include questions submitted from citizens.

If you have a question you would like considered, submit an issue-oriented question or questions directed to both candidates by emailing kelleratlarge@wbztv.com or via Twitter @kelleratlarge. Include your name and hometown; we will use only first names on the air if your question is selected.

Again, in order to be considered the question must be about an issue relevant to our state that both candidates can address. Please, no questions tailored to one candidate.


Comments (7)
  1. Frank Girardi says:

    Why isn’t Shiva Ayyadurai invited to the debate.? Independent voices should be heard. Down with the broken 2 party circus

  2. Richard Giorgio says:

    Shiva Ayyadurai needs to be added to the debate! He got over 20,000 signatures to get on the ballot, don’t those people deserve to see him debate? Jon Keller is a racist who has a past on spreading fake news about Shiva!

    1. Shiva is a Republican. He is using “independent” to hide his agenda. He only attacks Warren. He was a registered Republican. He spoke at an alt-right event. He’s not independent.

      1. Richard Giorgio says:

        He is no longer a registered Republican and that was for just one year of his 54 years. I guess you don’t follow him to much because he attacks Diehl to, have you seen repgeoffdiehl.com? The so called alt-right event you bring up, do you know there where also green party and Bernie supporters on that bandstand that day? It was a free speech event, when did free speech become alt-right!

  3. Theodore Oule says:

    Ah…Disappearing comments, again, eh Jon.

    I asked you two questions in my first post, and want to add the following:

    Note that while the first question IS directed at Warren, it is a question that is certainly worth asking given the history of Massachusetts politicians to use the people’s offices as a source of income and a platform for their egos at the expense of good governance…or governance at all in the cases of Kerry and Dukakis.

    The second question is one that can be asked to both. I goes to the heart of our Constitution, and, since we are the United STATES of America, the thinking that the States have both a tremendous role in our system of governance, and that the interests of, say, our Commonwealth may be very different from those of Iowa, Oregon, Colorado, Texas, or even California or New Hampshire.

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