By Christina Hager

HOPEDALE (CBS) – There’s no hope for Hopedale’s haunted house fundraiser taken down by straight line winds that tore through the area. Friday, town inspectors told organizers it wouldn’t be safe to rebuild.

“It’s a disappointment to have lost all those hours without any reward for it,” said organizer Mark Andolina.

Hopedale haunted house (WBZ-TV)

About a mile away, Tom and Mary O’Hara watched a cleanup crew cut the tree that landed in their roof.

“We had to go to a hotel last night,” said Tom O’Hara. “Never thought this was going to happen…It was just so quick.”

Across Hopedale Street, another huge tree fell into a neighbor’s backyard.

A tree fell on a house in Hopedale during a strong storm (WBZ-TV)

In the neighboring town of Milford, a crew worked to unclog storm drains and pump water from a flooded road leading to several parking lots.

On Courtland Street and Diana Circle, residents who live near a construction site were heartbroken to have lost many of the trees that protected their view.

“It’s just really sad. We were just thankful for the trees we did have,” said homeowner Jessica Corbett. “Now we don’t have any.”

Christina Hager


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