MILFORD (CBS) – Severe weather moved through Central and Eastern Massachusetts Thursday, bringing down trees and knocking out power to thousands.

A family in Milford is cleaning up after a massive tree fell in their yard, luckily missing their house and cars.

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Damage After Storm (WBZ-TV)

The littlest resident on Courtland Street describes just how scary the crashing sound was. “My heart was pumping like insane. Like I saw a snake, which petrified me,” 11-year-old Lukas Capon-Fraga said.

The tree miraculously missed the house, coming to a rest near the family’s cars.

“It was very scary. It happened within a minute. You saw all of this happen and then everything was calm,” Maria Fraga added.

Haunted maze damaged by storm in Hopedale (Image courtesy Chrissy Luccini)

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“My grandfather, he picks me up at school in that. I don’t know if he’s going to pick me up tomorrow,” Lukas said after seeing the damage near the cars.

They’ll wait until daylight Friday to get a better look at just how much cleanup they have to do.

“Go through the insurance company, see what has to be done,” Maria Fraga said. “Where do we go from here before we touch anything? We’re just thankful we’re all OK.”

Several neighbors are also concerned about construction work that is being done just on the other sides of the trees that fell and are looking for answers once daylight comes.

In Hopedale, a haunted house meant to be a fundraiser was destroyed.

The organizer says the storm wiped out about 600 hours of volunteer work for the town Halloween event. Volunteers have been working on the haunted maze for weeks, with all proceeds going back to the community and scholarships. The town is hoping the building inspector will give them the go ahead to rebuild in time for Halloween.

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The storm knocked out power to more than 12,000 customers in Central Mass.

Juli McDonald