AUBURN (CBS) – A protected species of hawk was euthanized after being shot this week in Auburn.

The red-tailed hawk was found injured in the area of Prospect Parkway and Bryn Mawr Ave.

A protected hawk was shot and eventually euthanized after being shot in Auburn. (Image Credit: Town Of Auburn)

Auburn’s animal control officer found the juvenile hawk had an injury to its right wing, preventing it from flying. The hawk was brought to Tufts Wildlife Clinic in North Grafton to be examined.

Exams found the gunshot caused multiple fractures. Because of the severity of the injury, the hawk was humanely euthanized.

An x-ray shows injuries to a protected hawk after it was shot. (Image Credit: Town Of Auburn)

As part of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, red-tailed hawks are a federally protected bird. That makes it a crime to shoot or kill them without a permit.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Animal Control Officer Aimee Contois.

  1. It’s sad that people still shoot endangered/protected species. These people need to be punished.

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