By Juli McDonald

BOSTON (CBS) – In addition to National Grid workers who have been locked out of their jobs since June, there’s another industry hoping for a quick resolution to the contract dispute – the real estate market.

Texas newlyweds Jessica and Jason Humphrey have been dreaming of their move to Boston, but their relocation has become somewhat of a logistics nightmare. Jason first moved in May for a new job.

“I stayed back to sell the house and take care of everything here in Texas. My house sold really fast. We closed back in July,” explained Jessica.

Jason and Jessica Humphrey (Family photo)

The couple found a property they loved in East Boston, and their offer was quickly accepted. But while they began making plans, National Grid’s lockout dragged on.

“We were supposed to close September 7. That got pushed back to October 5. When that started approaching we pushed it to Halloween,” she said.

The condo is ready, the appliances are in, but the gas line isn’t connected. Until that work happens, they wait… Jason crashing with a coworker; Jessica and their dog, 2,000 miles away with family.

“A lot of unknown, a lot of frustrations. Every time we change our closing date I have to reschedule our movers, my car is getting shipped. My furniture is scheduled to deliver,” Jessica added.

Locked out National Grid union workers protest in Boston (WBZ-TV)

The Humphreys have been closely following how the National Grid lockout has impacted workers, and how the Columbia explosions forced families from their homes altogether. Their relocation inconveniences are just another expensive example of the fallout from this contract dispute.

“I just keep checking the news and Google every morning to see if there’s been any development. So far nothing… It’s been hard to be apart for almost half of our first year of marriage,” she said.

WBZ contacted National Grid for more information about ongoing gas connection projects, but did not receive any response by deadline.

Juli McDonald


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