LOWELL (CBS) – Less than a month before Election Day, a new poll has Gov. Charlie Baker and Senator Elizabeth Warren with comfortable leads, while there’s a close race on one ballot question and confusion over another in Massachusetts.

The UMass Lowell-Boston Globe poll released Wednesday shows 51-percent of likely voters will vote “no” on Question 1 regarding nurse-patient limits, while 43-percent plan to vote “yes.”

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There is confusion over Question 3, which is about the state law that prohibits discrimination in public places based on gender identity.

A “yes” vote would keep the law in place. A “no” vote would repeal it.

The poll found 74-percent of likely voters said they are against repealing the law. However, researchers said it seems many voters had trouble understanding the ballot question and what their vote would mean.

“Nearly a quarter of respondents gave inconsistent answers on their views when asked about the ballot question and whether transgender individuals should be required to use restrooms corresponding with their birth gender or should be allowed to use those associated with their gender identity,” researcher Joshua Dyck said in a statement.

As for Question 2, which is about campaign contributions, 72-percent of likely voters said they would vote “yes” for the creation of a commission to advance an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to limit the influence of money in elections.

The poll also shows Baker and Warren with double-digit leads over their challengers.

wbz governorsdebate kellergonzalezbaker01 New Poll Shows Most Voters No On Question 1, Confusion On Question 3

Jay Gonzalez (D) and Gov. Charlie Baker (R) shake hands at the WBZ Governor’s Debate on October 9, 2018, while WBZ Political Analyst Jon Keller looks on. (WBZ-TV)

Baker, the Republican incumbent, leads Democrat Jay Gonzalez by 39 points in the governor’s race.

Warren, a Democrat, leads Republican challenger Geoff Diehl 56-percent to 31-percent. Independent Shiva Ayyadurai had 8-percent while 5 percent are still undecided.

warren diehl New Poll Shows Most Voters No On Question 1, Confusion On Question 3

Sen. Elizabeth Warren and State Rep. Geoff Diehl. (WBZ-TV.)

The poll was conducted with 485 likely voters in Massachusetts the first week of October. The margin of error is +/- 5.6 percent.

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