By Christina Hager

BOSTON (CBS) – “I’m glad to get out,” said Laura Vitale, who got a glimpse of Hurricane Michael as she left her home in Mobile, Alabama hours before safely landing in Boston. “I’ve stormed every hurricane. I’ve stayed, so I’m glad not to be there for this one.”

The storm was already visiting her well-prepared neighbors. “All the bread, everything’s gone, everybody packing up,” Vitale said. “It was raining, really windy cloudy.”

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She was lucky to get out, just as airports along the eastern Gulf Coastline shut down. “There was a lot of traffic, Florida license plates, people coming out of Florida headed north,” said Kathy Elliott, who hit the traffic as she drove to catch a flight from Nashville.

“The airport closed at midnight,” said Barbara Vicario. She and her husband made one of the last flights out of Tallahassee, Florida to Logan. “Very, very worried about our friends, worried about our pet, worried about our home.”

“I have a lot of friends who have beach homes,” said her husband Angelo Vicario. “Those places are probably going to be gone.”

While they struggled to get to their vacation cruise leaving from Boston, others cut Florida vacations short. “They were saying they were going to lose power, so I wanted to get out of there,” said Jessica Corneau. “Otherwise I’d be stuck until Friday, Saturday.”

The timing for return flights is uncertain, and those who do plan to head back south, wonder what kind of scene they’ll return to. “We were starting to see a little mist when we left this morning,” said Maryann Brady visiting Boston from Hudson, Florida. “You never know during hurricane season.”

Christina Hager


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